Tuesday, February 23, 2010

*Shhhh, We're Talking About Lady Things Today*

Whereas romance writers write about, well, romance; and

Whereas much of the time there is a great deal of virginity-taking in romance novels (of course, not the mens', only the ladies'); and

Whereas so-called ladies have a particular body part which is mysterious and terrifying (no, not that one): Now, therefore, be it

Resolved, that Romance Writers --

(1) recognize what the lady part known as the "hymen" is

(2) understand how it does and does not work; and

(3) appreciate all lady bits, because lady bits are awesome.

When I started reading romance novels, I was a tween miss who had never so much as kissed a boy, never mind anything naughtier. I read about the heroine "losing it" many a time in those books... and I now realize that most, if not all, of those writers had NO IDEA what the hymen is, where it lives, or what its favorite color is*.

So, to alleviate this problem (and to help educate young women who secretly steal their friends' moms' romance novels), I believe that all romance writers should learn about this unique body part, and its deep and often disturbing history in relation to feminism.

Please direct your eyes to this illuminating post on the wonderful blog "The Pursuit of Harpyness." It's called "Hymenology 101" and it's written by guest poster Pedimd.