Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Warning: Very Sexy Cover May Melt Your Computer Screen!

Hey, romance fans! Today I'm going to give you a break from the endless shilling of my book and have you read about someone else's rom-com. May I present to you fine peoples: Lillian Grant! She's going to tell you about her awesome new book and about the scorching cover for it. Is it me, or does her cowboy look like Daniel Craig? Oh, baby. I need to go take an ice bath, methinks. Take it away, Lillian!

* * *

Thank you Lucy for letting me loose on your blog…I’ll try and leave it nice and tidy.

When Lucy and I discussed swapping blogs for our new books we had no idea we were both releasing with Liquid Silver Books on the same day, and both writing comedy. What a fantastic co-incidence.

So, let me share a little about my book, MALE ORDER, REIGNING MEN VOLUME ONE. This book has been affectionately nicknamed ‘The Man in the Hat,’ although more than one flustered female fan has made the comment, ‘He’s wearing a hat?’ The hero has a habit of making out with himself in his reclining chair wearing a cowboy hat and socks. How does my heroine know this? Well, if you kept hearing your flat mate yelling, ‘Yeehaw ride ‘em you got it babe’ wouldn’t you want to investigate?

Available now at

Want to know more?

Here’s the blurb.

Meg’s mother can't even say the word sex. Her great aunt is a nymphomaniac. The few men she’s slept with left her frustrated. The closest she’s come to sex was as the unwitting visual aid for hot flatmate, Sam’s, cowboy style, wanking session. No wonder her libido went on permanent vacation and she substitutes ice-cream and chocolate for sex.

With so many hang ups, why does she agree to no strings sex with Sam? Why is
hunky, strip club manager Michael bent on seducing her? And why the hell does she invest in a male escort business offering extra services?

Sam’s delighted when he convinces Meg to let him go looking for her missing G
spot. A ride on his wild stallion shows her how good sex can be...with the right
man. One encounter leads to a dozen. Sam is living every man’s dream, sex with no commitment, too bad it’s not his dream.

His new life turns nightmare when Michael enters the scene. Will the Irishman steal her away, or will his involvement in her Male Order business lead to a disaster that gives Sam a chance to prove to Meg their relationship is more than a sexual rodeo?

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