Sunday, September 23, 2012

Two Lips Gave Me a Kiss!

Two Lips Reviews gave Ragnar and Juliet five kisses!  Kisses are like stars, except wetter.  As a romance author, I dig kisses as a matter of course.

Icy Snow (the reviewer) really got the book and had fun with it, and frankly, that's about the best thing I can imagine!

Juliet Lawrence (of the New York Lawrences) may be the bane of her parents’ existence (and that’s why they disowned her) but she’s a damned good bounty hunter and enjoys it, especially when her prey is a handsome and hunky man. The poor dude usually never knows what’s hit him once Juliet gets him in her sights. Her current target is no exception. Ragnar Manscape has riled King William the Nefarious of new Los Angeles, and for the reward King William’s offering, Juliet just can’t wait…until she actually meets Ragnar, that is.

Her first question should be, “Why is a droolworthy guy like you on William the Nefarious’ Hit List?” Soon, she finds out the answer, and also that Ragnar is more than droolworthy. He’s also funny, sexy, smart, courageous, sexy, handsome, sexy…did I mention sexy…? Of course, he’s an alien and not human, and does possess a very prehensile tail (named Torval), and a couple of other fascinating…features…but that just makes Juliet want him that much more.

She’s in a quandary now…to turn Ragnar in to William or not. That problem’s settled for her when William’s henchmen capture both her and Ragnar and take them back to their master. Ragnar isn’t worried. After all, he’s certain that God won’t let anything happen to them, because they’re both too pretty to die.

Juliet wants more assurance than that, especially after William, who prefers to be called Bob, decides to add her to his list of a thousand concubines. Given her choice, she’ll take Ragnar, any day, tail and all. In the meantime, William the Nefarious also has Ragnar in his clutches and that just won’t do, because he should be in Juliet’s. So it’s a toss-up to see who rescues whom and if they’ll get that Happily Ever After they want or are going to end up in William…uh, Bob’s pseudo-medieval, genuine authentic stone dungeon.

I don’t know why whimsical and irreverent stories like this one appeal to me but they do, and I enjoyed this one so much, I read it in one sitting. Pick any Sci-fi adventure and this story reads like a satire of it. Juliet’s as independent as they come, brave, and thoroughly happy with her lot. Ragnar occasionally comes across as more brawn than brain but then he does something completely out of character and proves that the muscle inside his skull gets as much exercise as certain other ones. And Torval…? Let’s just say that, to borrow a quote from a certain other Juliet, a tail by any other name probably wouldn’t be as talented.

For lots of fun, some ridiculous situations and even sillier characters, a whole lotta love-making, and a darn good story, I wholeheartedly recommend Ragnar and Juliet by Lucy Woodhull. Read it and you’ll be glad you did!

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