Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Where In the World Is Me?

WHAT A CRAZY FEW MONTHS!  Y'all, I have been writing my little butt off, and I have a new book (or three) to show for it!

I sold THE DIMPLE OF DOOM to the amazing folks at Total-E-Bound, a UK-based romance publisher poised to take over the world.  They've been delightful to work with, and have turned my little book about criminal dimples and the loser secretaries who love them into a 3-book series!  THE DIMPLE OF DOOM will release on TEB's site directly in e-book form on July 5th, and wide (Amazon, B&N, AllRomance, etc) in paperback & e-book form on August 2nd.

I've been busily writing the sequel, entitled THE DIMPLE STRIKES BACKI wrote a book in eight weeks!  I have to give myself double snaps for that.  Right now TDSB is with my beta readers, and hopefully it makes sense with the words and the plots and whatnot.  As soon as I turn in TDSB, I begin work on the third book, tentatively titled THE WRATH OF DIMPLE.  See the theme, you clever person, you?

In the midst of all this, I'm trying to find time to finish up draft two of a new paranormal series based in rural Florida that I'm calling (as of now) the Gator Riviera series.  The first book is a multicultural romance between an African-Vampire-American nerd who owns a comic book shop under attack, and the singing-telegram Caucasian-Were-Bunny-American lady who steps in to help save him.  Whew, say that ten times fast.  I grew up in Florida, America's wang, and I'm so excited to try to find the time to finish this first book in the Gator Riviera series.  Building a funny paranormal world in the land of bugs and humidity has been really, really fun.

I'm also participating in DRFAT, the Digital-First-Read-A-Thon!

From the Book Binge blog linked above:

For the next thirty days, Book Binge and our friends over at Tracy’s Place, RR@H Novel Thoughts and The Book Reading Gals will be celebrating all things published digitally first.  We have so many great things lined up for the entire month of July.  Fantastic excerpts, giveaways and loads of reviews for the books that we’re reading for the DIGITAL FIRST READ-A-THON.

In case you missed last year’s fun, the digital first read-a-thon is a month long reading adventure where you read as many books that were published in digital format-first as possible.  There are a lot of books that have been released in e-format before they were released in print and these are the books that we’re spotlighting.  If you read more traditionally published books then you’re missing out on a lot of fantastic stories.  You’ve missed out on some pretty amazing characters and we’re here to spotlight those books for the entire month.
Awesome, right?  Over the course of DFRAT, I'll post links to my exclusive excerpts from all three of my books, as well as giveaways of the same.

I think that's all the news that's fit to print.  Or blog.  Thanks for listening!  Or reading.

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  1. CONGRATS! I love the dimple theme. I say you get quadruple snaps for writing a book in 8 weeks. You rock! Can't wait to read these! YAY!