Friday, July 4, 2014

Little-Known Quotes From the Founding Fathers

As a smut author, I'm always interested in exploring the less...public side of famous figures from history.  As such, I have assembled some absolutely totally real quotes from America's founders on this, the July 4th holiday.

George Washington:  Hey, lady, please help me with my wood...en teeth.

John Adams:  I'm in full favor of a revolution; I'll sit and you spin!

Benjamin Franklin:  I'll show ye what I learned in France.  Voulez-vous coucher avec America, la dame sexee.

Samuel Adams:  Have I told you about my massive brewery?

Benjamin Franklin:  Come upstairs, baby -- I have a huge invention collection.

Abigail Adams:  Yeah, instead of calling me sexy, might I have rights?

Everyone:  ...No.

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