Friday, November 1, 2013

Tips for NaNoWriMo From a Gen-u-ine Author

  • Every moment you spend crying is another moment you don't have to write.

  • Great ideas often come when you aren't concentrating on them, like on December 1st.

  • Never use adverbs, for they are often unnecessary.  Adjectives muck up the action.  And nouns -- WTF are those for?  Only use verbs and the word "Kardashian."

  • Keep up a tally of your daily writing progress.  How else can you know how utterly fucked you are?

  • Name all your characters after modern-day toddlers.  Jaydyn and Nevaeh and Mackenzee are timeless monikers that just scream "classic."

  • Zombies are over.  Never write vampires.  Werewolves are tired, and you always have to keep track of where their clothes go.  Talking Diet Cokes are the new zombies.

  • Drink.

  • Remember, if you try, you've already succeeded!  FYI, don't go look up the definition of success after you tell yourself this.

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