Friday, November 14, 2014

Dear Time Magazine:
I’m Tired of the Word “Feminist,” too.

Dear Time Magazine*,

Boy, “feminism.” What a pain in the ass, amIright? Fighting tooth and nail to be considered a person. Wanting equal pay. Struggling for everyone to be in charge of our own bodies. I’m fucking sick of it, too!

There is nobody in this world who wishes the idea of “feminism” could go the way of the dodo more than a feminist. Because that would mean that the world has achieved true equality, no matter one’s gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, cognitive and physical abilities, height, weight, or freaking Zodiac sign.

YOU think feminism is a pain in the ass? Try being paid less.  Try being blamed for your sexual assault. Try facing discrimination in public and private dealings. Try being threatened with death for speaking out. Ah, but that’s nothing, right? When a big, bad word makes you roll your eyes—that’s the real struggle. Just shut up and accept your role under the boot, you obnoxious bitches, geesh!

Time, you don’t fool us. The only reason to include “feminist” in the bad word list is as a big fuck you to everyone who’s not a drooling troglodyte desperate for the hand of time to spin back to the year 1400. Well, there weren’t magazines back then, so I guess I don’t need to open yours ever again. 

*That's a "do not link" link, so they won't get any hits off you.

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