Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stupid Questions with Lucy:
Oscar Wilde is a Cheeky Bastard Edition
Featuring Destiny Moon

Happy hump day, Bloggie friends.  Today for your amusement I have erotic romance author Destiny Moon answering my fascinating questions.  She cracked me the hell up, so keep reading!  That's an order! 

1. If you could have one otherworldly alien ability or body part, what would it be and why?

Tentacles. If writing erotic romance has taught me anything, it’s that the more gripping and groping a character is capable of, the better. Let's just say I'm a little jealous of our friends, the octopi. 

2. What Smurf would you be?

Sassy Smurf. I’d have a wardrobe closet like Smurfette, but with more variety. 

3. Do you think the aliens who inevitably enslave the human race will treat us well or eat us? 

 If they enslave us, I hope at least they will have the decency to make it fun. That means no eating. 

3A. Follow up: What will you do to distinguish yourself to our benevolent overlords so that they don't destroy you with their acid flatulence? 

Develop a really great safe word. 

4. What's the best way to foil a ghost? A smart one, not one of those dumbasses in a sheet. 

Witches, of course. I know a couple, so I got this one. 

5. If you could slap the shit outta one beloved historical figure, who would it be and why?

Oscar Wilde. Because he’d like it. Actually, he’d love it. 

6. Cake or pie? And, if you said pie, why are you so happy to be wrong? 

Cake, hands down. Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting is my favorite, but a close second is decadent chocolate cake. In all honesty, I'm not picky. Bring on the vanilla sheet cakes with lard icing! 

About Destiny Moon: Destiny Moon's quest to follow her heart led her to writing erotic romance. With a few titles already out and and few more on the way, she is slowly inching closer to her dream, which involves tapping away at a story while on a beach sipping margaritas. Her latest release is Worth The Wait, a follow up novel to All I Ever Wanted.


Sassy and glamorous, Monique Mackenzie has everything a modern woman could want - great career, fabulous home, wardrobe, car and friends. Men throw themselves at her constantly, but after years of meaningless flings, the charm has worn off. The one man who truly ignites her passion is the only man she can't have - her boss, Jerome Fontaine. 

Mysterious Jerome drops clues that he sees her too, but he seems to have a secret life outside the office. He remains elusive until Monique accidentally stumbles upon his secrets and discovers the reasons for his stoic behavior. As the fiercely private Jerome begins to trust Monique with his secret life, Monique's world is turned upside down with questions about what she truly wants out of life. Jerome's presence makes her question everything from her ambitions to her erotic tastes and in falling for him, she must face her own demons. 

Just when she thinks she's got it all figured out, Monique finds herself challenged in ways she never imagined, but the one thing she knows for certain is that she has never loved anyone as much as she loves Jerome.

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