Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stupid Questions with Lucy:
Men in Black Edition Featuring Clare Dargin

Please wave a jaunty hello to author Clare Dargin, here to talk about her sci-fi romance, and her boner for a certain terribly-named British gent!

​1. Who would win in a war between cats and bears? 

Of course cats would win because eventually bears would have to hibernate during the winter and that's when the cats would pounce! Besides we know from the movie Cats and Dogs that cats have been plotting to take over the world for millennia. 

2. Would you rather get a diagnosis of Benedict Cumberbatch or Engelbert Humperdinck?​ 

Benedict Cumberbatch-- it would be a shocking diagnosis but well worth the exam!  

3. If you could have any fantasy creature for a pet, what would it be and why? 

A fantasy creature? At first I was going to say a unicorn but I don't have the aspiration to care for a horse in real life (they are a lot of hard work to do it right!) so I know I really wouldn't do 'Glowbrite', that's what I'd name it, any justice. So I'd settle for a Ysalamiri instead. Why? Because I'm hoping the Jedi Council from the Old Republic would send someone to my house--preferably Obi Wan Kenobi a la Ewan MacGregor version, to find out why I'd have access a creature. Jedis and Ysalamiris don't mix. Me and Obi Wan could work out a deal. 

4. Are aliens among us? 

Sure there....that's why I'm waiting for my Jedi Knight. Oh do you mean non-human ones as in humanoid and non- humanoid alike? I hope not!  

5. Speaking of horrible aliens, how would you help Justin Bieber off the planet? 

Oh you mean they are disguised like the way Men In Black exposed them.... I'd find out where my nearest MIB outpost is and lodge a complaint. I'm not about a little framing too. You know for the sake of humanity. 

6. If you were a superheroine or -hero, what would your special power be?

Making Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan Noonien Singh fall in love with me and then ravish---. peace. Yes...I would create world peace.

[Editorial Note:  I'm a Ricardo Montalbรกn girl, myself.]

* * *

The Cold Warriors Universe by Clare Dargin

Left in cryogenic stasis for nearly a century, Caitlin Driskoll is awakened and drafted into a war she knows nothing about. Expected to defend a world where her kind is despised and expendable, she discovers love and respect from the one man who can’t be associated with her. 

Lieutenant Colonel Medoro Keegan has spent a lifetime in the Marines. With no family to speak of, the Corps and his ship, the USS Blanchard, are all the loved ones he needs...until Caitlin sparks a fire within, that threatens to consume him if he doesn’t walk away. 

Will he choose a life of certainty in the only world he knows or give it all to Caitlin and run the risk of losing someone, yet again?

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