Monday, August 4, 2014

Her calves sweated anon with the force of his throbbing wang.

So yesterday I had The Tudors on while I worked on my website (shut up I love my overwrought costume dramz).

The terrible actor King Pouty the VIII had just gotten done banging this blonde who looked like every single other blonde on this show. They’re sweaty from all the fornicatin'. Except…not. The camera panned up from her feet to her head. Her calf had giant gobs of sweat. I mean, like she just came out of the shower gobs. But when it got to her head—dry and perfect. No forehead sweat, no wet hair. Who sweats exclusively on their calf and not their head? Was this the sweating sickness of yore? Did she have a gland problem? Do legs have glands?!

Have I been doing romance novel sex wrong all this time?


  1. Ha ha. No. You've been writing sex just fine:-)

    1. Whew! I described the blonde's soaked calves to my husband, and he assured me that my perfectly dry calves were more than sufficient for him.